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Self-portrait with Toby, 6″ x8″, acrylic. 2018.



“Right Lane Must Exist”, Queen’s Quarterly, Autumn 2022

Pencils” in The Quarantine Review

“Sunflowers,” in WordCityLitJournal. January 2022. https://wordcitylit.ca/2022/01/12/sunflowers-non-fiction-by-susan-glickman/


“On being a Jewish Canadian Woman Writer” in Religious Studies and Theology https://journal.equinoxpub.com/RST   online in December 2021

“The Dove Dove,” in WordCityLitJournal. July 2021.https://wordcitylit.ca/2021/07/15/the-dove-dove-non-fiction-by-susan-  glickman/


“Finding the Form with Susan Glickman”, The New Quarterly Online https://tnq.ca/finding-the-forms-with-susan-glickman/

“A Few Thoughts about the Importance of Reviewing for the Practicing Poet” The New Quarterly  151 (Summer 2019).


  ottawa poetry newsletter: On Writing #123 : Susan Glickman: “An Infinity of Blues:  Art as a Form of Attention”


On Going to Art School in My Sixties


Goodreads Blog; https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/287052.Susan_Glickman/blog

“Cauliflower & Taxidermy” The Last Word, Quill and Quire, June 2015, 42.

“In My Opinion,” The Editors’ Weekly (March 17) http://blog.editors.ca/?p=2648

“Artful Flight,” The Editors’ Weekly (February 3)  http://blog.editors.ca/2015/02/facts-and-fiction-artful-flight/


“What Does It Take to Start Freelancing?” The Editors’ Weekly (April 9) http://blog.editors.ca/2014/04/what-does-it-take-to-start-freelancing/

“Editing the First Time Novelist,” The Editors’ Weekly (January 28) http://blog.editors.ca/2014/01/editing-the-first-time-novelist/


“The Questionless Interview.”  http://www.openbooktoronto.com/gmurray/blog/questionless_books_interview_poet_novelist_and_childrens_author_susan_glickman#.Tl1QKI4Ljyg.wordpress


“A Precise Woman,” in “How Poems Work,” Arc magazine http://www.arcpoetry.ca/howpoemswork/features/2009_08_glickman.php


“About My Purse,” <a href=”http://desk-space.blogspot.com/2008/10/susan-glickman.html”>DESK SPACE: SUSAN GLICKMAN</a>


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“Distance and Desire: Two Versions,” Essays on Canadian Writing 40 (Winter 1990), 147-52. (Review of Don Coles’ K. in Love and David Solway’s Modern Marriage)


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